Necrosmith Secret Recipes Guide


List of Secret Recipes with Images (Preview and Stats Included)



So why create another guide when there is already a guide to recipes?

I was not able to get the guide i wanted to make. It is time-consuming because of all the images required. owell..

It takes a lot of time to sort, experiment, and take images. I appreciate any thumbs, favs or award. I hope you find this helpful.

Shout out to wanderbots. He said that there wasn’t yet a good guide when he was playing. That’s why i did this, haha

Variants of Skeletons

The stats of the unit are shown on the left. Heart = health, eye = vision range and boots = movement speed. Shield = armor. There is also damage to the right. Mana bottle indicates cost.

The right side image shows the preview of the unit as well as the bonus stat.

List of Skeleton Variants (Skeleton head and skeleton body, skeleton legs).

Skeleton Rogue – with 2 swords

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