Neon White evaluates: an aggressive, fashionable speedrunner with parkour demon homicide

You flubbed Canines, an unworthy one. It was not enough to make you sick, but Heaven seems corrupted with demons and talking cats. When God decides to give you the chance to earn your place in Heaven, a demon will osmonize your devil by making homicides fashionable, speed-running and parkouring demon murders. This is a joke, though, because it’s perdition with other steps. Neon White, an excellent author, kicks into your stomach.

The sport is presented with an anime narrative collection. It is open to all nice people who want to find paradise. This is the area where it’s impossible to stop and squee at Neon White, participant personality. He may be best known for his role in Cowboy Bebop as Spike Spiegel, the sonorous cowboy in the house. White is joined by the other demon-slaying Neons, Yellow (perfect boy), Violet(sucks), Purple (“mysterious”) and Inexperienced (“unhealthy man”).

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