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Netflix announced an announcement of its popular shows on its list of games including The Queens Gambit, Shadow and Bone and many more

Netflix revealed a number of new titles to its gaming service at its annual Geeked Week event. Some of these new games tie to some of Netflix’s most-watched TV shows. The streaming service currently has 22 games and will have 50 by the end of the year. Some of these games were announced today.

Neftlixs has launched The Queens Play: Chess Game. This will allow players to enter Beth Harmons’ world and learn chess. Players can also play matches against other friends. According to the company, the game is a tribute to animated TV shows. Ripstone developed the game in the United Kingdom. It will be available in 2022.

Based on Netflix’s fantasy-drama series, a single-player role-playing gaming game has been developed. Users will be able play their favorite characters and travel through the grishaverse to fulfill their destiny. Netflix states that the game requires players to make choices that will affect the course of the journey. This title was created by Chimera Entertainment Germany and will soon be available.

The new Too Hot To Handle game was inspired by the popular streaming series “Shot To Handle”. The goal of the game is to have players mix and mingle with other people who are all competing for their affection. This title was created by Nanobit in Croatia and is expected to go on sale shortly.


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Netflix will add la Casa de Papel, a Spanish-language heist TV series to its streaming service. Netflix claims that the game will allow players to take down a casino owned by a billionaires in Monaco. Killasoft, a Colombian developer, created the game and it is expected to open in the near future.

Poinpy is a vertical climber that allows players to bounce up and feed the blue animal behind them. The more difficult you are, the heavier they get. The game was created by Ojiro Fujimoto and Poinpy, a Japanese-based team. Devolver Digital published the title today and it is now available for download.

Netflix is introducing Lucky Luna, a new game. The game will take players to mythical temples, dungeons, and other places. Each level opens up new ways to explore the area around you. The game will be released sometime in the next year. The Canadian developer created Snowman.

Desta: The Memories Between was also announced by the company. This play will allow players to win a football match in which they can challenge their family members for the loss of a relationship or a devastating family event. The United Kingdom’s Ustwo Games developed the title and it will be launched in 2022.

Credits: Netflix.

Netflix’s next Terra Nil title will be a city-building strategy video game that focuses on climate crisis. It’s about creating an ecosystem, and building an impressive area for the sea. Devolver Digital published Free Lives, which was developed in South Africa. The game will launch sometime in 2022.

The ancient Chinese Romance inspired the 3rd Kingdom remake. In the final games will be the last years of the Han Dynasty. Nerial Limited developed the game and Devolver Digital published it in the United States. The game was launched in May.


Photo credit: Netflix