Netflix announces a two-season renewal of ‘Emily in Paris’

September 18, 2022

After a highly successful debut season, Netflix’s comedy program “Emily in Paris” was renewed for another season.

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Netflix has selected the idea of Darren Stars for a second season renewal. This announcement was made earlier in the week following the success of the two-season run of Lily Collins starring series, which debuted on December 22 of last year.

The first season was watched for 107.6 million hours during the first week of launch, making it the second on the list of the ‘Netflix’s Global Top Ten’ of shows in the English language, beating everything else, except for The Witcher 2 season The Witcher.


Additionally, it was deemed to be the most watched comedy show for the online streaming service in the year 2020. It has been watched by 58 million households within the first month.

“Emily at Paris’, a comedy-drama that is based on the life of Emily Cooper portrayed by Lily Collins who portrayed her as she relocated between Chicago and moved to Paris after securing her dream job as a marketing executive in Paris The second season features her becoming more involved into the French life while she struggles to find a balanced love triangle and her complicated work.


Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu Ashley Park, Lucas Bravo, Samuel Arnold, Bruno Gallery, Camille Razat, and William Abadie star in Darren Star’s romantic comedy, which also has a regular cast which also includes Kate Walsh.


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