New civilizations coming to Age of Empires 4, play the game for free on Steam now through August 29

New civilizations will be being added to Age of Empires 4 in the form of an Anniversary Update in October.

The free update is scheduled to be released on October 25 and includes both the Ottoman as well as Malian civilizations.

You’ll be able to take on the formidable Malians in West Africa, one of the top trading nations in history as you concentrate on the strength of your economic skills by investing and mining in gold.

You can also use the Ottomans as one of the most durable empires of all time, and its highly trained military. They also have the biggest gunpowder siege weapon in the world, known as the Great Bombard.

In addition to these two civilizations, this complimentary Anniversary Update will also include new maps, achievements, and Masteries, as well as all the content on Season Three’s roadmap. Season Three roadmap.

If you’re an Age Insider, you’ll get a chance to have a hands-on with Ottomans, Malians, and other brand-new content as part of a forthcoming General Update Preview.

If you’re still waiting to try Age of Empires 4 a trial, starting today until the 29th of August on Monday you can try the game for free through Steam during the Free Play Week. If you’re satisfied with the game you do the game, it will be available for sale at 50% off via Steam or on the Microsoft Store.

To this end the developers have expanded Season Two Event Two: By Stars and Sea through Tuesday, August 30th to ensure that players have the chance to win some awesome rewards.


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