New Donkey Kong, and the great Nintendo Direct coming soon:

It has been one year since we heard about the possibility of seeing a new Donkey Kong created by the Super Mario Odyssey team.

Zippo, a well-known insider who has been consistently updated on the latest news at Nintendo, has now returned with new updates. The user claimed that he has just recently discovered some details about the project. Even the confirmation that the Donkey Kong new game has entered the Gold phase is one of these details. If Zippo and the company decided that exclusivity was necessary, they would almost be ready to sign Nintendo EPD.

Insiders don’t know the timing of the final title. It was possible that the title had been completed a while ago. He keeps up the pace, but the exact time for the official announcement will remain a mystery. It is great. However, he said Zippo would be kept in the great Nintendo Direct the Kyoto giant had planned for the following week. The user does not want to reveal the mysterious return of Donkey Kong.

We remind you that the Kyoto conference had many new developments in the Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Before we know if Nintendo has confirmed the transmission of a new Direct or the existence of a new Gorilla adventure, we were reminded.

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