New Netflix series All of Us Are Dead is being called a “masterpiece” on par with Squid Game

First was Squid Game. Then and Hellbound. 2022 has seen Stay Close captivate viewers. Let’s see if there is another? Netflix’s new horror series All of Us Are Dead is a huge success and viewers are raving about this Korean “masterpiece”.

You’re in for a treat if you are a fan of zombies. All of Us Are Dead is about high school students who are trapped and waiting for rescue from the undead. It also has all the trappings that a teenage drama should have. What’s not there to love?

“All of us are dead is yet another great show South Korea has made,” one viewer stated(opens in new window). It combines drama, comedy and horror with thriller, action, all throughout 12 episodes.

It has been compared with 2021’s Netflix hit Squid Game. Korea seems to be on a hot streak. “All of us are dead is intense, but so good,” said a Netflix viewer(opens in new window). You should see it if you enjoyed Train to Busan or Squid Game or any horror movie.

Another was added (opens in new tab). “All of Us are Dead, Squid Game and Sweet Home” just shows that Netflix Korea is at a whole other level.

All of Us Are Deaf is also delivering on the fear factor. said, “I’m actually crying from fear,”. Another viewer said, echoing many others’ thoughts, “I didn’t expect it would be *this* frightening.”


Praise came in from other places (opens in a new tab): One admirer said that she completed “All of Us Are Dead” in one day. Another commented(opens new tab) saying they’d been “at the edge of their seats the entire time.”

However, expectations should be encouraged. Others have called it (opens in a new tab boring) and another commented(opens up in new tab that it “should’ve been made into an animated movie.”

All of Us Are Dead can be streamed on Netflix now. Here are the top Netflix shows that you should add to your watchlist.

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