New on Netflix in February 2022: All the new movies and shows to stream this month

Every month brings new Netflix movies and shows. We are spoiled for choice this February. There are many new Netflix Originals series that you can get into. This month’s Netflix Originals include historical epic Vikings: Valhalla and drama Inventing Anna. Both are inspired by a real-life fraudster. The Cuphead Show is an animated video game adaptation. The second season of Love is Blind will also be released in February.

The streamer’s new movie, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, is one example of the movies that are now available. The US platform now has new additions, including the 1990s version of The Addams Family as well as the Matt Damon-led actioner The Bourne Ultimatum. The UK version of the platform offers films such as Brokeback Mountain featuring Heath Ledger, Jake Gyllenhaal and The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind which is Chiwetel Ejiofor’s directorial debut.

Julia Garner, Ozark’s star, plays Anna Delvey, a renowned fraudster in Shonda Rhimes’ latest Netflix series. The series is based on Jessica Pressler’s New York Magazine article, “How Anna Delvey Tricked New York’s Party People”. It follows a con woman who arrived in New York in 2013, convinced that she was a German Heiress and then scammed them out of their money. Arian Moayed and Anna Chlumsky are also stars.

This animated Netflix series is based on the popular Cuphead video game and follows the misadventures (voiced by Tru Valentino, Frank Todaro) of the titular character. If the trailer is any indication, the pair will face off against a number of bosses familiar to them, including Ribby and Croaks and Grim Matchstick and King Dice.

Vikings: Valhalla was set 100 years after the History Channel’s original Vikings Series. It takes place at a time when Vikings had taken over England and France, taken control of Normandy, France, and crossed the Atlantic Ocean. However, their time in England was coming to an end. It tells the tales of Leif Erikson (Sam Corlett), Freydis Eiriksdottir, Freya Gustavsson, Harald Hardrada and others – some of the most prominent Norse women and men in history.

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