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New trailer for the retro shooter Beyond Sunset

Beyond Sunset will be shown at the Future Games Show. This is a twist rifle shooter in which speed and reaction will allow you to battle with weapons and swords to survive.

It’s a retro shooter about exploring and creating your character, Lucy (a street samurai searching for a forgotten memory).

There is a mystery about guns and the bizarre bladework that allows you to use a Katana to fire bullets at your enemies. You will need to discover your past if you have a lot of naive memories, and no memory at all. And what about Yuri? A mysterious woman who tries to help you get past your past, so you can move on.

Combat skills are essential. To outtake and defeat your opponent, you can develop skills that are based on quick reflexes, jumps and acrobatic moves. Different types of weaponry such as rifles, pistols and shooting rifles allow for efficient deployment.

Beyond Sunsets’ retro vibes are a reflection of Deus Ex and Doom. But it’s more than fast-paced gunfights. You will find many NPCs in the city offering side missions, computers and notes as well as a large interactive area. You’ll gradually learn the answers to your questions, so you can do things.

Beyond Sunset is 100% modable. This means that you and other players can create new levels and weapons using the open-source toolkit.