Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds PC controls

Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds controls PC – These are the default controls and the keys that you can use to perform all actions in the game


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Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds PC Controls – Full Liste

These are all Windows PC Controls.

  • F1 – Shows Keyboard Controls
  • WASD Movement
  • Space Jump
  • Shift– Dodge
  • V – Attack
  • QER Skills
  • K Class Skills Level Up Menu
  • I – Inventory
  • M Map
  • G– Guild
  • P Profile/Social Features
  • C – Stop auto-run Quest Navigation
  • Z– Toggle between camera view angles
  • F Street Stall Stand Menu
  • L Show all Quests
  • O Game settings
  • CTRL+1 – Familiar Skills
  • In-game Chat
  • Esc – Quit Game

As you can see, there is no mouse action. Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds doesn’t have mouse support.

Mobile – PC Controls

This image will help you determine which key corresponds with each action on your touch screen if you’ve played on an Android or iOS device.

Mobile – PC Controls

How do I bring up the PC Controls?

Press the “F1” key on your keyboard to activate the controls.


Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds PC controls – Controller Support

Cross Worlds: Ni no Kuni has no controller. You can only play with the touch screen in the Mobile version (iOS, Android) or the Keyboard (Windows PC).

Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds does not exist on Xbox, Nintendo Switch, or PlayStation. It is only available on PC, Android, and iOS.

Mouse Support

Cross Worlds does not support mice. If you want to play on a PC, you will need to use the keyboard to complete all tasks.

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