Nintendo discounts: the best Switch games offered for less than two euros

Nintendo has launched the brand-new Super Sale on the eShop this week, a brand new promotion that offers numerous discounts on a range of games that include exclusives. If you look at the banner as well as the price list on the store, irresistible opportunities start to catch the eye, like those of Monster Hunters Rise at 29,999, Luigis Mansion 3 at 3,99 Euro, Cuphead at 13,99 Euro Hades at 14.99 Euro, all the games you need to be playing with eyes shut.

In order to make this article more likely to make it more interesting. For the first time we took a trip to fish three fisheries at nearly bargain prices. For good quality and quantity of games, we decided to offer it for sale at a bargain. Here are a few of our tips for shopping.


The holidays are coming up and it was a great time to surprise your guests! If you don’t show up at home, you’ll be secure. What better way to reward yourself with play a game at a party for only one euro? A puzzle for cooperative play, developed by Death Squareda, for one two or four players. It’s best enjoyed within the family as well as the company.


The game Death Squared you have to complete puzzles without pain. On the road it is necessary for a robot to reach the destination that they want, but the vehicle is dangerous and is driven to the end with many traps that are aimed at all types of players. Additionally, participants need to use their observations to figure out the most effective solution.

Each of the principal stages of Death Squared is represented by an 80-point task that can be completed either on your own or as a group mode with four players who are 40 levels high. The most daring are addressed rather than Vaultin where the players from SMG Studio have stuffed 30 levels they consider too difficult to play as a main game: Are you brave enough to take on the challenge?


Let’s totally change the genre and get towards My Brother Rabbit, a colourful, hand-drawn adventure that includes puzzles. It’s not a hyperreal environment where reality blends with fantasies. The main character is an unwell child who discovers the ability of imagination to create an environment in which to play and seek refuge from the hostile world outside.


In this fictional universe in which a man is trying to escape the love of flowers in order to assist his girlfriend to heal. To accomplish this the man must utilize every skill he has to defeat mythical creatures and myths by a single click that involves the full realisation of mini-games as well as the uncovering of hidden objects, and the assembling of bizarre devices, all in a world where logic does not adheres to the rules that we are familiar with. The story of my Brother Rabbit is a delightful adventure that has kept me entertained for five years.


A tiny ray of light in the broad panorama of independent fiction, This War of Mine is a story of conflict that puts us in the path of a civilian army who came together to fight the mass of people and battle medical and food shortages.


The process continues in a different way each day and night. Nights continue, with the aid of darkness, and then look for resources to play the 2.5D stealth-based game. With this duality that 11 bit studios can be used to make a manager be a lover of the modern world of management and also to build an over-inflated fan base.

The Complete Edition on sale includes it, along with the original game as well as it also includes the Anniversary Edition Update (with new characters, new locations, and an additional conclusion), This War of Mine Stories (a collection of three stories that take place on the streets of the games in the spirit of Sarajevo during the 17th century) and the Little Ones DLC. The latter lets us look at a different side of the horrors of war by with new gameplay options. Children aren’t allowed to use certain items because they’re physically and mentally sick.

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