Nintendo Switch announces Reliquary for Winter 2022

Nintendo Switch announces Reliquary for Winter 2022

Reliquary The isometric fantasy film showcases story and combat in the new trailer for the announcement.


Reliquary an isometric high-fantasy adventure game, has been announced for Nintendo Switch with a brand-new trailer that showcases gameplay featuring maps traversal, magical combat, and boss fights.

A specific launch date hasn’t been announced, however, the trailer for the announcement shows the developer’s plan for an early 2022 launch. The trailer includes around two minutes of footage from the video on the Nintendo Switch’s YouTube channel:

Reliquaryappears to be a Nintendo exclusive, as none of the other platforms have been confirmed as of yet, and the trailer ends out with a single reference towards Nintendo’s eShop. Nintendo eShop.

The game was created in collaboration with Jade Ember Studios, a very small team of just three located within Longmont, CO. The studio’s official website mentions a keen passion for “uncharted worlds and mythic characters” and the brand new trailer is certainly in line with their goal claim.

While some of the design has a resemblance to Destiny at times but the trailer does have its own distinct flavor, particularly due to the variety of enemies that it showed.

The puzzle elements are sure to be an enjoyable element and are something that adventure games are often ideally suited to. Although the game’s puzzle is basic, I hope that this game is more challenging than the one in the trailer.

Reliquary will is able to clearly boast a compelling storyline that is certain to give it more character. The trailer explains only some of the plot in which players have to explore the ruin of an empire to repair the wounds of “twisted magic”. However, it becomes surprisingly life-changing when you’re also searching for your own creators.

It also promises quick combat, revealing the hordes of enemies that surround the hero. The hero is able to use a variety of spells to move through various terrains and massive bosses.

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