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NIS America showcase announces 4 new games for 2023

NIS America showcase announces 4 new games for 2023

NIS America unveiled four new games that will be available in 2023 that including cooking RPGs remakes, and roguelikes.


The adored Japanese game publisher and game developer NIS has announced four new games at the current NIS America showcase, including trailers for each.

The games comprise GrimGrimoire OneMore Monster Menu: The Scavenger’s Cookbook Process of Elimination, and the void* tRRL2() //Void Terrarium 2. All four titles are expected to launch in 2023, but there are no release dates yet to be confirmed.

The Process of Eliminationtrailer displayed some fashion but had no gameplay. It sounded like a disappointment to gamers who wanted to know what the game would actually be. This isn’t always enough however, you can see the full trailer on the PlayStation YouTube channel:

The trailer’s description suggests that the players will play the role of a schoolboy who is entangled with a group of detectives who have one of them as a serial killer. them. Fans instantly drew comparisons with Danganronpa as well as this genre is a visual novel.

Monster Menu It’s the Scavenger’s Cookbook, meanwhile, it has a complete trailer that is very clear on what’s to come. All you’ll need to know is right there in the title and it blends a variety of genres such as SRPGs in a unique manner. It’s pretty inventive and also quite messy. It’s also reminiscent of a mobile game even though it is a console game.

Void Terrariumwas an interesting tiny rogue-lite where players play as a forgotten maintenance robot, who has to protect an adorable girl who’s also the last human being alive. The story and art were quite innovative, so we hope that the sequel will introduce new mechanics and gameplay without losing that excitement. It’s anticipated to launch in the spring of 2023.

The final title is that is scheduled for release in Spring 2023. GrimGrimoire OnceMore . The game’s first version was a massive strategy adventure sensation that came out in 2007 This remaster is therefore a product with high hopes. The game has already been released in Japan which is why it’ll be fantastic for those in the West to finally enjoy this classic while also incorporating new features that are desperately needed today to enjoy. This includes improvements to the quality of life such as adjusting the difficulty.