No Man’s Sky – Nanites and Units Farming Guide

This guide will show you the most effective ways (without cheating) to get your hands on Nanites or Units.

Unit Farming

This one is slightly more difficult than Nanite and Quicksilver farms, believe it or but it’s not.

It’s still a fairly simple method, but it does require grinding or having excellent dog skills. The easiest method for me is to travel into go the Nexus located in Anomaly and accept missions such as fighting pirates or taking on the hungering tendrils. I’ll go over the equipment required to complete these tasks. (The missions can include Nanite mission, therefore pick the correct ones).


Fighting pirates and hungry tendrils isn’t difficult when you are aware of what you’re doing.

For combating pirates you’ll need:

– Infra-Knife Accelerator

– Phase Beam

– Rockets (Optional)

To get rank upgrades, X/S is an absolute must (The Rockets with their B level upgrade is good). Without them, you’ll never be in a position to kill pirates. This Photon Cannon is just garbage (IMO) however, in reality, the Photon Cannon is an un-dismantleable weapon on the ship, and you need to avoid it in the weapons wheel.

Remember Your shield is most likely to be exhausted in just a few seconds without upgrading, so be sure to keep your Phase Beam up to date. The Infra-Knife shatters shields and health, however when their shield is gone, simply take them out by using the Rocket.

To fight the hunger tendrils, you’ll require:

– Blaze Javelin

– Advanced Shield Upgrades (Strength Specifically)

If I say most likely you require these to fight the hungry tendrils. You could try Bolt-Caster as well as Scatter Blaster, but Blaze Javelin is the simplest method, and without good shielding, you’ll 100 100%, with no doubt be dead. With Blaze Javelin you’ll likely need carbon for an extra fuel source when you’re out. It’s time to charge it to maximum and then hit. It’s as simple as that, there’s and there’s nothing more to it.

Trading in all the additional items is a way to earn some cash.

Nanite Farming

This is the most straightforward option. You just need to go through (Nanite) missions in the Nexus in the Anomaly. It is likely that you will receive Nanites during the course of the missions. Be sure to check every inch of the planet to transfer information to Helios.

You can also modify the Goops to create Runaway Mold, and refine the Runaway Mold to get Nanite Clusters, however, this can be extremely slow and won’t yield much profit. Infested buildings can be ridden, which is an excellent method. Reduce Larval Cores to create Nanite Clusters. contrary to the earlier method, this one is simple and quick with the proper tools (Scatter Blaster & Shield Upgrades).

This is a good idea with the proper equipment, however, it’s not necessary. If you are able to hop down, collect the cores back and climb to the top of the building you’ll be good. However, taking out the monsters and getting the cores is the most efficient method of obtaining the cores.

Extra Tip for Quicksilver Farming

Complete Quicksilver mission.

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