No mans sky: update 3.093 coming soon, here are the details of the update

Hello Games has announced that No Mans Sky’s upcoming update 3.093 will bring the game up to version 3.93. This minor update is primarily focused on fixing technical issues and not adding any additional content.

The patch will be available for PC for a while, but consoles will receive it today (June 21st, 2022) as a completely free download.

This update comes just after the Leviathan Expeditions update. It is the most recent content update at a remarkable level in No Mans Sky under the long-term post-launch support program sponsored by Hello Games.

The patch’s 3.093 was focused on fixing bugs, other problems, as also the official notes published in the developers. In this case, the corrections to bugs and other issues.

A number of problems were fixed that could affect the reputation of the player even when they are in a safe environment. Fixed a multiplayer problem that could have an impact on the player’s image.

According to the developer, PlayStation VR2 support for men is still not announced. The Switch version is quite busy at the moment.

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