No Man’s Sky – Best Mods (2022)

September 22, 2022

No Man’s Sky Best Mods – Cheats and Environment vehicles, gameplay adjustments and fixes, and much more!

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No Man’s Sky Best Mods – Reduced Launch Cost 2.5 Mod

Reduces the cost of getting your ship off the ground. There are options for a cost launch of 5 – 10% of the total energy used for each launch.

Download Launch Reduced Price 2.5 Modification > here

No Man’s Sky Best Mods – Fast Actions 4.6 Mod

More clicks faster.

In lieu of holding a button for nearly a second This mod gives faster inputs for:
Menu choice
– developing/dismantling technology
Transferring resources from ship
– getting into the vessel
Discussing the NPC NPC
– collecting small plants
– the launch of refinery processing

Get Fast Actions for downloading 4.6 Mods here. here

No Man’s Sky Best Mods – Better Planet Generation Mod

A massive overhaul of the planet generation that hopes to make your hours of exploring the amazing, infinite world in No Man’s Sky less repetitive and, hopefully, more memorable.

Get Better Planet Generation MOD here

No Man’s Sky Best Mods – LowFlight V 3.1 (Foundation Update Compatible) By Hytek (Packed) Mod

LowFlight allows you to fly as close down to earth as low as you’d like and view in any direction (normally your ship will not be pointing downwards when close to or on the ground). It is also possible to hover underwater and fly in the air!

  • Version 1.1
    • -added compatibility to the other modification I made, QuickFlight
  • Version 1.0
    • Initial release

Download LowFlight V 3.1 (Foundation Update Compatibility) Mod version here

No Man’s Sky Best Mods – Deep Space V.2 (Now With Less Noise) Mod

Different graphic tweaks to turn it to No Child’s Sky

Download Deep Space V.2 (Now With less noise) Mods here. here

No Man’s Sky Best Mods – Better Rewards Mod

This mod will increase your currency available through faster word learning and expanded options for resource gathering. Frigate (Freighter) Expeditions are included!

Better Rewards will increase the number in units, Nanite Clusters, and quicksilver when you complete missions or work with objects from the world. Learning words that are not NPC (such as Knowledge Stones and dictionary books) is also more efficient.

The Better Rewards Mod Download here

No Man’s Sky Best Mods – Exosolar’s Beyond Base Building Mod

Fully MP compatible This mod provides the most freedom to the basic building options.

What exactly is the Mod?
There are currently over 1,000 building-able parts available within No Man’s Sky! It’s like a dream coming true!
This mod provides an extraordinary level of freedom to basic base-building options.

It’s completely compatible with co-op, multiplayer uploading, building, etc since it does not include any elements that can cause problems when playing multiplayer.

Download Exosolar’s Beyond Modification of Building here

No Man’s Sky Best Mods – Fine Lod Mod

Ground textures fix, plus water level fix, plus delay in spawning and further LOD switch

Get Fin Lod Mod here

HD Clouds 1.3 Mod

High-Res planet clouds

The HD Clouds Download Link is here. 1.3 Mod here

JJS Better Ships Mod

Eliminates C-class ships from the fleet and creates S Class ships more common.

Get the JJS Better Ships Mod here. JJS Better Ships Mod here

Faster Analysis (Updated 2.32 Living Ships) Mod

The analysis visor can make it easier to scan the entire world faster.

Free Download for Faster Analysis (Updated 2.32 Living Ships) Mod > here

Busier Space Mod

Busier Space is a PC mod for No Man’s Sky. It will increase the number of ships that are created in each Solar system. This makes your travels more enjoyable and less lonely.

Download Busier Space Mod > here


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