NORN9 Var Commons Heishi Walkthrough

NORN9 Heishi Walkthrough: Complete Heishi’s route to unlock the Happy Endings, Bad Endings and Tragic Love Endings

NORN9 Var Commons Heishi – Happy Ending

These steps will help you unlock the happy ending.

  • Prologue: Have breakfast with Nanami
  • Heroine: Nanami
  • 1. Chapter
    • There are no other options
    • Choose Heishi Otomaru
  • Chapter 2
    • I am not mad
  • Third Chapter
    • Yesterday
    • A maze of terror
    • Tell him that you think about him
  • Fourth Chapter
    • I didn’t know someone was mad at my.
    • No
    • His dream is something I envy
  • Fifth Chapter
    • I want to help him realize his dreams
  • 6th Chapter
    • Do not go with him
    • Do not watch (Hiyoko Channel 6).
    • Sorry for not being able to say anything
  • 7th Chapter
    • Get up
    • Do not go with him

NORN9 Var Commons Heishi – Alternative Endings

Heishi has an alternative route. Here is the guide:

Tragic love ending

  • Load the 1st Saving
  • Fifth Chapter
    • I would love to share his dreams
  • 6th Chapter
    • Be with him
    • You can watch (Hiyoko Channel 6).
    • We apologise for not erasing our client’s memory
  • 7th Chapter
    • Do not wake up

You have successfully completed Heishi’s route and are now able to unlock the two endings (Happy and Tragic love).

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