NORN9 Var Commons Itsuki Walkthrough

NORN9 Itsuki Walkthrough: Complete Itsuki’s route to unlock the Happy Ending or Tragic Love Ending

NORN9 Var Commons Itsuki – Happy Ending

These steps will help you unlock the happy ending.

  • Prologue:
    • Find a room with Mikoto
    • Hiyoko
    • Follow them
  • Heroine: Mikoto
  • 1. Chapter
    • There are no other options
    • Choose Itsuki Kagami
  • 2nd Chapter
    • It is impossible to deny it.
    • Do not compliment him
  • Third Chapter
    • Do not go
    • Draw slightly to the left
    • Draw the highest card
    • Now draw the leftmost card
    • Draw the left card
  • Fourth Chapter
    • Do not go to the castle
    • Get out of the way
    • You can watch (Hiyoko Channel 12).
  • Fifth Chapter
    • Keep calm
    • Apologize
    • I will keep it to myself
    • It is incorrect
    • Do not watch (Hiyoko Channel 10).
  • 6th Chapter
    • Take his hand
    • Agree
  • 7th Chapter
    • Keep in mind what happened on the roof
    • Keep in mind what happened during the dream

NORN9 Var Commons Itsuki Walkthrough- Alternative Endings

There are two possible endings to Itsuki’s Route. Here is the guide:

Tragic love ending

  • Load the 1st Savings
  • Fifth Chapter
    • Protest
    • Say Nothing
    • It is
    • You can watch (Hiyoko Channel 10).
  • 6th Chapter
    • Take his hand
    • Get angry

You have successfully completed Itsuki’s route and are now able to unlock the two endings (Happy and Tragic love).

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