NOS joins this company to transform the creative industry in Portugal

NOS joins this company to transform the creative industry in Portugal

Nos or Trojan Horses formed one of the U.S. governments, the tech leader and most influential in the fields of creativity. They collaborated to improve the industry of digital entertainment in Portugal and encourage talent in the nation.

Based on the technological revolution triggered through the network 5G as a catalyst for creativity and art and the need to build a new future by implementing the innovative vision which will lead to a revolutionary technological revolution.

In this partnership, NOS will launch the Golden Ticket of the THU which was a contest that spoke to the world of creativity. This will seek out solutions to a future which is connected with sustainability, technological and the pursuit of innovation.



Additionally, there’s the development of the Human Behavior Center powered by NEMA Sensory and behavioral lab that is equipped with 5G technology. creatives can utilize their senses in a variety of ways.

Collaboration with collaborative partners like THU can be a chance to showcase the visions of the future, which are the intersections between technology and art, which is focused on the global vision for an environmentally sustainable and open world, according to Joao Ricardo Moreira, the administrator for the NOS Comunicacos.

Andre Luis, the cofounder and THU’s CEO and cofounder THU states that this partnership is the result of years of work to ensure that Portugal understood that digital media was important. I’m proud of this collaboration with NOS which is a business that has a significant impact on the sector and is hoping to grow the industry in Portugal.


The golden Ticket towards ADP. ADP will be a world-wide issue designed to promote the creative expression as a major instrument for creativity and innovation. A space that assists artists and creates change is the aim in the “Agents of Change”. The focus of the contest is “How can we create awareness of a sustainable future?” and is seeking answers to the future that is a blend of innovation and sustainability.

There are 3D and 2D artists across the globe and in the United States who are able to participate and be eligible for a gold ticket for Troia’s THU Troia community festival. Troia that includes accommodation, food, and travel as well as technological equipment.

The entries can be made up to July 17th. those who win will be announced the 9th day of August on the website of THU.

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