One of the best Star Wars games may be getting a remaster

One of the best Star Wars games may be getting a remaster

This will be a moment to be remembered. It appears that quake as well as System Shock Studio Nightdive may be developing an Star Wars Dark Forces remaster after all

It seems that one of the top Star Wars games on PC was re-released. The creator of that game System Shock remake and the last year’s Quake upgraded is apparently in the process of teasing the possibility of a Star Wars: Dark Forces remake. It’s this isn’t the only time that it’s done this, either.

In the past, LucasArts produced the brilliant Star Wars shooter Dark Forces that is the one the top FPS games that has ever been released and led to the fantastic Jedi Knight series. It’s definitely worth a remaster as well. Nightdive Studios – who handled similar upgrades for Quake, Blood, Turok and more – appear to be the best equipped to tackle the job.

Nightdive Director Stephen Kick has previously said that he would like to see his studio take on the Dark Forces remaster. Recently Stephen Kick replied to an article with a list of 25 of the most popular shooters and said that Nightdive has remastered four of them, and that it was “a few more on the way.” A few people believed Kick was talking about Quake II (and still could be) however there was also Star Wars: Dark Forces.

Nightdive CEO Nightdive CEO followed up with an additional tweet with a screen shot from Dark Forces playing on a 4:3 television. The game ended the game by playing it this way. In 1995, Dark Forces could certainly do better with a modern-day remaster and release, particularly with the obvious influences on Rogue One and The Mandalorian.

Although these teases could be not a guarantee of the possibility of a Dark Forces re-release, he has done this kind of thing before, you are aware. We’ll need to wait and see however, we could anticipate seeing Quake II remastered announced first in conjunction with Quakecon scheduled for August 18. If that’s taking place at all.

It’s a good thing for the classic Star Wars gaming fans since the Knights of the Old Republic remake has been delayed indefinitely.

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