One Piece Manga broke a new Guinness World Record after publishing over 500 million copies

Guinness World Record has updated One Piece’s previous record after the release of 500 million copies of the book in circulation around the world!

One of the most popular Japanese Shonen manga, One Piece, sets an all-new Guinness World Record in honor of its release of more than 500 million copies in the world.

One Piece is a Shonen manga illustrated and written by the well-known Japanese mangaka Eichiro Oda. The manga has been publishing volumes and chapters since the month of July 1997 and will have more than 1,000 chapters by 2022. Three years after the first publication of its manga, Toei Animation adapted the One Piece manga into an anime TV series that began broadcasting in Japan on the 20th of October 1999. Since the beginning, One Piece has broadcast more than 1000 episodes and has been aired across a variety of countries across the world. Due to the extensive history of One Piece and the ever-growing popularity throughout Japan and across the world The One Piece manga and anime were frequently regarded as one of the most popular Shonen mangas and animations.

In June of 2015, One Piece first broke the Guinness World Record after Eichiro Oda was its primary creator while the manga was able to surpass 320,866,000 copies around the world. Particularly, One Piece’s debut Guinness World Record recognizes it as “The most copies of one comic by a single author.

In the last few days, Shueisha made the announcement that the total number in number of editions of One Piece that is in circulation has surpassed 516,566,000 copies. In this way, it appears that the Guinness World Record has officially changed One Piece’s previous record, which was set at 500 million copies in the world. The latest One Piece Guinness World Record could have been the last update, as it was stated that the manga is nearing its end of the series, with that the Wano Country arc serving as the final chapter of the series. To prepare for manga’s “final saga,” Eichiro Oda was on hiatus from June 27, for a time of one month. Then the manga’s final episode was in July.

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