One Punch Man – The Strongest brings Saitama and pals to mobile devices

September 23, 2022

Saitama might only require one punch to take down his foes, but in the near future, you’ll be able to do the same feat with only one hand! Soon to be available on both Android as well as iOS gadgets, One Punch Man The Most Powerful is a mobile RPG that is based on the smash-hit animation television series One Punch ManIt will be available on September 22, 2022, in both the US and EU the players will be able to follow Saitama’s journey as he aspires to become the main character and becomes bored with his existence as an invincible force.

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The production of One Punch Man – The Strongest was created by the creators ONE as well as Murata Yuusuke. Directed by SHUEISHA, the new mobile RPG is a faithful homage to the original story and setting of the show and features all the most well-known fight scenes from Saitama’s story. With the approval of its creators, The Strongest also features the original cast of the anime reprising their roles to further immerse players.

One Punch Man

While you play through the story as you progress, you’ll encounter popular characters from C-Class all the up to S-Class, and you’ll be able to add players to join your team. With more than 60 different villains and heroes to choose from such as Genos, Hellish Blizzard, Boros, and more, you’ll have to put together teams with a diverse roster to take on the evil threats. As you develop your characters and improve their equipment, they’ll be able to learn new abilities and get special abilities as well as increase your Battle Power.

total Battle Power

As with a typical JRPG players are able to deal the damage to their adversaries and then stand by and wait for their turn. Every turn, players be able to choose between the most basic attacks, the ultimate skills, and the ability to summon Saitama to finish a particular opponent in just one move (this is only possible only once per fight).

Resembling a traditional JRPG,

If you’ve reached a certain level on your team, you’re able to take on other players to show your skills in online games. If you’re not interested in that you can use cooperative modes to join forces with other players to take on ever-increasing dangers. There’s also the option to join a group and monitor your friends’ progress all in one space where you can play mini-games and boss fights.

mini-games and boss battles

One Punch Man – The Strongest is now available for play online on Android or iOS. Since the game has surpassed over one million registered players and new players will receive the first 10 draws as well as the Old Hand avatar and appearance frame, as well as hundreds of gems that can be used within the game. If you log in repeatedly within the first week will earn the player an extra 40 draws and an A-class hero as well as a free character of the character of your choice.


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