One UK retailer says Pokemon Legends Arceus was its most pre-ordered game ever

{Pokemon Arceus Legends is the most pre-ordered game in the history of one UK retailer.|Pokemon Arceus Legends is currently the most pre-ordered title in the history of a UK retailer.}

{That retailer would be Currys.|Currys would be that retailer.} {In a statement provided to NintendoLife(opens in new tab), the store announced that Pokemon Legends Arceus had surpassed 9,000 pre-order copies throughout the UK before launching today.|The store stated that Pokemon Legends Arceus has sold more than 9,000 copies in the UK, according to NintendoLife (opens in new tab).}

{Additionally, the retailer actually projected that over 25,000 copies of Pokemon Legends Arceus would be purchased today on launch day by customers.|The retailer also projected that more than 25,000 Pokemon Legends Arceus copies would be sold today by customers.} {That’s quite the step up from the original 9,000 pre-orders, so we can only assume there’ll be a tonne of people ordering Arceus from today.|This is quite a leap from the initial 9,000 pre-orders. We can only assume that there will be tons of people ordering Arceus starting today.}

{However, NintendoLife provides a little information as to why Currys has been the go-to retailer for Pokemon Legends Arceus.|NintendoLife offers some insight into why Currys is the preferred retailer for Pokemon Legends Arceus.} {Apparently, the retailer offered a discount code for pre-orders of Arceus, knocking the price down from PS44.99 to PS38.24, a discount that’s unfortunately no longer available for newcomers.|The retailer provided a discount code to pre-order Arceus. This reduced the price from PS44.99 down to PS38.24. Unfortunately, this discount is no longer available to new customers.}

{Right now, we haven’t heard anything on the US side of things that might indicate how well Pokemon Legends Arceus has sold in its first day on the market.|We haven’t yet heard any information from the US about how Pokemon Legends Arceus did in its first day.} {All things considered though, Nintendo’s new exclusive appears to have been received well by fans in general, with some even dissecting Shiny appearance rates already.|Nintendo’s exclusive seems to have been well received by fans, with some dissecting Shiny appearance ratings.}


{Pokemon Legends Arceus looks like it’s taking a definitive step in a new direction for the historic franchise.|Pokemon Legends Arceus seems to be taking a major step forward in the history of the franchise.} {We awarded Game Freak’s new venture with a 4.5/5 in our full Pokemon Legends Arceus review, writing that it’s a “refreshing take on the Pokemon formula, stripping back the game to focus on the titular creatures with such great success,” but with a few unfortunate visual issues on the Switch hardware.|Game Freak’s latest venture was awarded a 4.5/5 by our Pokemon legends Arceus review. We wrote that it is a “refreshing approach to the Pokemon formula, stripping down the game to focus only on the titular creatures with great success” but there were some visual issues with the Switch hardware.}

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