Overwatch 2 Devs are adding a Guild System


Overwatch 2 will be expanding in the future. During an AMA session, Blizzard stated that the games’ development team is focused on improving its social aspects.

Aaron Keller, a game director, said that we are looking for a new social network for Overwatch 2. We are very grateful to the guild.


AMA stands for Ask Me Anything. These sessions are some of the best subreddits out there. People from all walks of life come together to exchange free readings. Overwatch 2 wanted to share more information with their fans about the new social feature.

Keller said that this is a fantastic opportunity and that it’s a person who is very excited about the prospect. Although we’ve put a lot of effort into this, it’s too soon to discuss the details and when the deal could be completed.

This idea is not easy to realize. Keller says this is a tremendous accomplishment. This is not only for large teams but also for many other Blizzard employees.

The Overwatch 2 AMA contained a lot of information that was not available to the community. All loot boxes will be opened for players when Blizzard begins to transfer cosmetics from the original game into the sequel. Despite this, players may want to do it themselves before the developers do.

Overwatch 2 vs. proves that they listen to their players about the game. For a long time, fans have requested tournaments. Keller finally confirmed that the feature would be available at this time. It is a positive sign that other tournaments are being organized.

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