Overwatch 2 skins survey did not include final pricing, Blizzard says

Overwatch 2 skins survey did not include final pricing, Blizzard says

In Activision Blizzard, players worry about Overwatch 2 microtransactions after Diablo Immortal One study suggests Overwatch 2 skins may be high-priced

Following the controversy over Diablo Immortal microtransactions it’s only natural that Activision Blizzard would calm down in the pricing of the game’s next installment however, it’s quite possible that Overwatch 2’s skins may cost in total upwards of $45 according to a study.


As one of the many Overwatch 2 changes that are coming in this multiplayer sequel Blizzard earlier confirmed it will be removing loot boxes and replacing them with Battle passes as well as direct purchase as in other online games like Fortnite. But, Blizzard haven’t clearly explained exactly how Overwatch 2 microtransactions, as well as prices for stores will work.

According to a recent survey, which was reported to have been sent (as discovered via @Portergauge , a Twitter user), Blizzard seems to be gauging the prices of bundles, skins and weapons charms. Although these aren’t by any necessarily the final price The survey asks players are willing to shell out $44.99 for one Mythic skin. $24.99 on an Legendary skin $29.99 on a Legendary bundle and $9.99 for an item charm for weapons.

An Overwatch spokesperson clarifies this survey is created to determine the relative preference for skins and not price testing – each participant received different prices.

“This survey is entirely intended to better understand player preferences for different types of Overwatch 2 cosmetics,” the spokesperson says. “Prices that were included in the survey are based on a random selection for each user and aren’t indicative of the final price. We’ll be sharing more information about how we will operate our Shop along with our Battle Pass system in the weeks leading up to our launch on October 4th.

But it’s not going well however, it has been a bit of a snub on Reddit. We won’t know when we know for certain till Overwatch 2 releases in October.

For more details on Overwatch 2, here’s the most current Hero tiers rankings as a result of the beta that was recently released.

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