Pants Quest 100% achievement Guide

This guide will walk you through the steps and help you achieve your Pants Quest goals.



Pants quest is an adventure game where you point and click to complete all levels. It takes two plays to unlock all achievements. It is possible to miss an achievement on the first run but still get them on the second. This guide will show you how to unlock all achievements within two runs.

This guide is still in development. Soon, I will add screenshots and additional information. I wanted to have a basic understanding of the information. I hope you find this helpful.


New game


Turn down Service
Make the bed.
After you have started the game and gained control of your character’s character, you can interact with the bed. This will make your bed, unlocking this achievement.



Fully Loaded
Laundered the hamper.
Take all clothing from the house and place them in the hamper. Walkthrough/guide incoming.


Suds for Days
He washed and cleaned all dishes.
Take all dishes that are dirty from the house and place them in the sink. After you have collected all dishes, you can wash them.

You can wash them by grabbing the soap bottle and the sponge at the sink. The sponge can be cleaned by putting the soapy bottle on it. Next, use the soapy sponge to clean the sink. Walkthrough/guide incoming.


Garbage Man
Tossed all the garbage.
Take out all trash from the house and place it in one of three trashcans. The bathroom, kitchen and bedroom have trash cans. Walkthrough/guide incoming.



Fed and Watered
I made coffee and had breakfast.
This unlocks throughout the game. Walkthrough/guide incoming.


What A Rush
Beat the dolphins.
There are only three levels to the dolphin game. Walkthrough/guide incoming.


Good Dad
Feed the cat
To achieve this achievement, you must have progressed through the story enough to unlock the basement door. The can opener is found down there. Once you have the can opener, you can open the kitchen cabinet containing cat food.


Once the package is opened, you can place the food in the cat’s bowl in the kitchen.


Minty Fresh
Brush your teeth.
Go to the bathroom, and grab the toothpaste and toothbrush from the cup by the sink. The toothpaste can be applied to the toothbrush, and the toothbrush can then be used on the sink.



Raged Against the Machine
Received all answering machine messages.
Three messages are displayed on the answering machine to the right side of the couch. To unlock the achievement, listen to them all.



The Only True Pants
You found your pants.
This unlocks throughout the game. Walkthrough/guide incoming.


Did all the things!
Once you’ve completed all items on your to-do list, this will unlock.


New Game+


Always Sunny
The sun kissed me.
After you have locked the basement, go down the stairs and grab the step stool near the fuse box. Place the ladder beside the side table in the bathroom.

Interact with the sunset painting/photograph. It is the most prominent painting/photograph on the walls.



Remove an evil from the world.
You will need to pull out the old food from the refrigerator and use it until the figure is formed. To bind the figure once you have it, take the string from one of your kitchen drawers. Once the figure is bound, place it in the microwave.



Swanning About
Swim your swan.
There is a book on Origami on the shelf above the computer. You will be given a piece paper if you interact with the book. To fold the piece of paper into a swan, you can interact with it. Go to the bathroom.

After you have entered the bathroom, plug the tub. To fill the tub, use one of the faucets to plug it in. Use the Origami Swan to fill the tub.



Idol Hands
The offer was made.
Grab the rosemary from the spice cabinet above the kitchen sink. Take the rosemary to the basement.


Ice Cold
Created a blizzard.
Grab a roll of toilet paper and go to the bathroom. To create snow, interact with the paper. Open the freezer in the kitchen. Use the “snow” on the ice tray.



Wet Luckv
You’ve lost your luck.
The TV is next to a shelf that houses a boardgame/dice. You will receive some dice if you interact with it. Go to the bathroom, and open the lid on the toilet seat. To toss the dice in the bowl, use the toilet seat lid. To flush the dice, use the toilet



Secret Room
The secret room was found!
Once you’ve completed everything, the secret room will be revealed.


  • For the following sections, write a walkthrough and provide screenshots.
    • Fully loaded
    • Suds for Days
    • Garbage Man
    • Fed and Watered
    • It’s a Rush!
    • The Only True Pants
  • Make a list with references and easter eggs throughout the game.


15 July 2022

Initial release.

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