Patch Note VER2.00

Patch Note VER2.00

Except for the English version The development process is completed.
We apologize for the fact that scene playback time took more than we anticipated, and those responsible had so much work that their work was delayed.
We are aware that it is legal to declare the completion of the project when we have the English version is released. You’ll have to wait to see that version, since we are still in working on translating the document.
Additionally, support for Steam by our system reps will be cut beginning on May 15. In particular the person who is in charge will review threads, etc. on Sundays, Japan time. We’d like to request for your understanding about this, since it will give us more time to complete our respective tasks that our Development Team.
We would also be grateful to everyone who has made the effort to keep up to date in the early access to our site thus far.

[Additional functions/Improvements]

  • Scene Playback mode is added to the mode that is added.
  • A shortcut display was added to the configuration


  • Minor corrections were made for minor notations Chinese as well as Korean scenarios.
  • Fixed an issue in which skip mode was turned off during certain transitions.

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