PCI Express 7.0 interface specifications will be approved in 2025

The PCI Special Interest Group is already working on a new version for the PCI Express interface. Computer simulations will last for three years. The final specifications will be available before 2025. We also note that the PCI Express 6.0 standard was approved in January of this year.

The PCI Express interface 7.0 is a resonator to its predecessors. The data transfer rate for one line will be 1.28 gallons per sec, or approximately 32 GB. Devices with 16 pythonie-7.0 lanes can disperse data at speeds of up to 512GB/s in dual mode.


We can also highlight the benefits of PCI Express 7.0, including increased energy efficiency and decreased latency, as well as backward compatibility with PCI Express.

Source: IC-SIG.

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