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All valid Penguin Tycoon Codes in One Updated List – Roblox Games By Wildfire Interactive – Redeem these codes to get in-game cash. Then, use the cash for the best penguin island or exploration of the waters


Penguin Tycoon Codes: Full List

These codes can be used to get in-game cash. The cash can then be used to build the most beautiful penguin island or explore the oceans.


Both active and valid codes

These are the valid codes

  • 100keyes – Redeem code and claim gems
  • POKETTACTICS – Redeem code to claim 50 gems
  • Fishing: Get 200 gems by redeeming code
  • MinerHat: Use this code to redeem your Lucky Hat
  • Join the group for 5k cash > https://www.roblox.com/groups/12843903/Wildfire-Interactive#!/about

Wildfire Interactive will soon release additional codes. Release is the initial valid code for the game. The latest codes can be found on their social media channels (described below), or you can simply return to our website and review the list.

Penguin Tycoon Roblox Social media Channels

  • Discord: Wildfire Interactive
  • Twitter: @WildfireInt
  • Youtube: Sinne J
  • Roblox Group: https://www.roblox.com/groups/12311629/lick-io#!/about

Codes that are expired

These codes no longer work:

  • TWITTER50K – Redeem code to claim 50 gems
  • 50kHeart – Redeem code to claim Heart Eyes item
  • LuckyHat: Use this code to redeem your Lucky Hat
  • Release – Redeem code to claim 2,5k in game cash

We would love to have more codes so leave us a comment.


Penguin Tycoon Codes: How to Redeem?

Launch Penguin Tycoon Roblox. Click on the incon on the side of your screen to enter a valid twitter code and click on Redeem for your freebies

This video demonstrates how to redeem codes (video by YouTube Gaming Dan).

How do you play Penguin Tycoon Roblox Game by Wildfire Interactive

You can create a unique Penguin Island and explore the waters. Find collectibles. Skate & roleplay with your friends.

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This game features autosave.

Join the group to receive $5,000 in-game cash

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