Phasmophobia – Tanglewood Street House Map Guide

A map of Tanglewood Street House, including locations for Cursed Posession and Bone, strategies and tactics, as well as tips and tricks for each room.



The Tanglewood Street House, which is only 11 rooms and 2 floors, is the first map most players will see. Because it is currently in Training mode, it is sometimes called “Tutorial House”, or simply “Tutorial House”.




Foyer is also known as the Lobby or Front Hallway.

Tanglewood Street House. It can be described as an “H-shaped” layout with two hallways. The left leads to the


Boys Bedroom,

Main Bathroom

Nursery and has a closet. The right leads to the


Living Room and has a

closetas also.

In the Foyer, there are two end tables. The left has a candle and other items. The right has a lamp. The candle can be used in any event that the team hasn’t purchased in their own.



These screenshots show two end tables from the




These screenshots illustrate the two.









Foyer or any other of the


Cursed Possessions. The

Foyer can be

Both one of the most difficult and easiest places to find a ghost’s bedroom. The close proximity to the


Front Doorallows

QuickDeployment of Equipment and Monitoring of the Status of the Equipment

Front Door.


But the ghost can spawn at two places in the

Foyer which can prevent quick movement into the

Nursery or


Living room in the case of a hunting.

Boys Bedroom




Boys Bedroom,

Sometimescasually referred to as the Blue Bedroom or Small Bedroom, or Front Example, is an example of one.

The smallest type of bedroomsin Phasmophobia. There are many items, including


UniqueItems such as the guitar or computer — providing plenty of activity for any ghost.

You can identify sounds that are only coming from the Boys Bedroom by using the unique objects.

It only has one closet


but remember that the closet is part the Boys Bedroom so you can’t hide the ghost from there.

Boys Bedroom is currently its

Favorite room. You can see the closet doors from the corner of the room.

may be able to hide behind the closet even though it is not otherwise available.

At the moment,

Cursed Possession can’t spawn here but the

Bone can spawn on both the ground and the bed.

Main bathroom


Main Bathroomis an example of a medium-sized bathroom for Phasmophobia. It’s not the most compact bathroom, but it presents many challenges. It is still quite small so it can be difficult to use.

It is difficult to place the correctly

Video Camera in the room. You can find it here.

could get around this by using the

Video camera Outside of the Foyer, but this is

dependenton state of bathroom door

The following are some of the highlights.

Cursed Possessioncurrentlycan’t spawn in the room the

Bone can spawn in the middle floor. There have been other reports that it has spawned in the sink.




Nurseryis a small space that’s somewhere between the and

Boys Bedroom and the

Master Bedroom. It has been a

of objects that provide considerable activity for ghosts. It’s especially enjoyable with a

Poltergeistdue to the sheer number of toys that are possible.

It was quite

was recently redesigned to include a hiding place behind the crib. This can be useful for Ghosts and is an easy spot to hide from them.




Bone can spawn in a room, sometimes right in the middle.



is the

Tanglewood Street Housespawn

Music Boxas

current patch.

Living Room


Living room is one of the largest rooms.

Tanglewood Street House is dominated by a sectional sofa and a bookcase. It is the central area of the map, and leads to the


Master Bedroom


Utility Room

Kitchen. This will allow you to pinpoint the location of the ghost’s bedroom.

It might be in one of the adjacent rooms, but it can also interact with these rooms.

The ceiling fan in the room is quite loud.

Uniqueitem for each room. This makes it easy to determine whether or not the lights are off from any location on the map. You’ll spend a lot more time walking in a dark area if the lights go out due to the ghost.

Television is an extremely useful tool.

uniqueitem also means that if the ghost interacts you will probably hear the television static on most maps.



Bone can spawn in this area and is often located around the sofa. Smaller bones may blend with parts of an oriental rug.



Living Roomis

The spawn for the

Tarot Cardon

Tanglewood Street Houseas

current patch. It also serves as the spawn for

Haunted mirroron

Tanglewood Street House.

Master Bedroom


Master Bedroom is a medium-sized and only room.

Tanglewood Street House that is

is actually which is a combination of three rooms as per the current patch. It also includes

Master Bathroomwhich, despite being the largest of the two bathrooms shown on the map, is often overlooked.

Closet. Since

All three physical rooms can be regarded as one.

show evidence that the Master Bedroom is a ghost’s bedroom.

There are many objects in the room, including a

candle which can be used by the team — although there is a computer on the table, it cannot be turned on or interacted like the one in the Boys Bedroom.


As of the current patch, there is no

Cursed Possessionsspawn In this room

Bone can spawn in any one of the three rooms that make up the

Master Bedroom.



The Basement is the largest room in Tanglewood Street House. It was also, until the addition two portable coolers, one of most difficult rooms to find for the ghost’s place. Although there are many objects, it can be difficult to get interaction evidence, particularly for Oni or Poltergeist. Two coolers were added to the collection, allowing ghosts to leave Fingerprints. They also make a loud sound when the ghost interacts with them.

It’s also the location where the Fuse Box (also known as the Power Box and Breaker) can spawn on the map.

The rocking chair is an unusual item on the map. The rocking sound can often be heard from many places on the map, allowing the team pinpoint the location of the ghost.



is the spawn for both of them.

Summoning Circle and

Ouija Board as per the current patch

Tanglewood Street House. The

Bone can also spawn in

Basement primarily in front and around the refrigerators.



The Kitchen is located towards the back of your map. It’s a great room for ghosts, especially if they are Poltergeists. This room is crucial when teams decide to loop the ghost around a kitchen counter island. This is also where PsychoHypnotic’s famous potato, which was hidden in a cabinet on the island as an egg for the Phasmophobia streamer PsychoHypnotic.



Although none of the Cursed Possessions currently exist in this room, the Bone can be found at various points throughout the room. This is due to the natural shadows that can obscure the view.

Dining Room


Dining Room is towards the back

Tanglewood Streetmap and is adjacent to

but can be interacted with frequently by a ghost in this area

Living Room

The Utility Room or the

Basement in some cases.

You can use it to loop a ghost, and there are many objects in the room like the Kitchen. This is simply a floor change that divides the room from the Kitchen. People can easily be confused as to which room is the ghost room. A thermometer is often a good way to clear this up.

There aren’t any.

Cursed Possessions in this room, as per the current patch

Bone can spawn on, around, or even under the surface.

Dining Roomtable. It’s

Recommendthat you crouch down and look carefully under the table if it isn’t obvious.



Utility Room

The Utility Room, one of the smaller rooms in Tanglewood Street House, has the same problems as the Main Bathroom with regard to placement of video cameras. The same strategy can be used by placing the camera outside the Utility Room so that it can view the room. However, this can also be affected depending on the state of your door.

Although the Cursed Possession cannot currently spawn here, the Bone can. However, it is often obscured by the tangled cloth in the middle. It can also spawn on top the washer and dryer, which is easier to photograph and notice.




The Garage is one of the biggest rooms.

Tanglewood Street House which is dominated with a minivan, storage racks and a utility sink. It is also the location where you can find the

Fuse Box also known as Breaker or Power Box, can spawn on a map.

There are many objects that can interact with the room, as well as the vehicle and locker. These unique objects have loud and distinct sounds that can be heard all over the map. You can also find the vehicle key in a

key basketin

Foyer. Otherwise, you cannot turn off your car alarm if it is ghost activated.

You have the freedom to drive your vehicle.

loopthe Ghost Much like

Kitchen Counter Island or even the

Dining Room Table

Butgiven your vehicle’s height, it can be

It is difficultto see which way the ghost is moving with flickering lights or other distractions.



Currentspawning Point for the

Voodoo Doll which spawns on the top of the large garbage container or garbage bin as well as several other spawning points.

Bone , including behind the vehicle.


My personal favorite is The Tanglewood Street House. It is also a great map to practice your investigator skills and test out many of the game mechanics. The map’s small size makes tracking footsteps difficult, as in the case with Mylings. It also doesn’t permit for long chases like on larger maps.

This map has seen many changes, including the Utility Room’s layout and the location of Cursed Possessions and Bones. There are even vestiges of abandoned planned features like having to learn the name of the ghost instead of just getting it from the whiteboard.

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