PlayStation VR 2 showcases latest Feel A New Real ad

September 21, 2022

PlayStation offers a peek at the new features and games which are currently in development to be released for PS VR 2!

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PlayStation launches a brand new promo video for PS VR 2, providing an exclusive glimpse of the future of gaming using virtual reality.

The new ” Feel A New Real” commercial on PlayStation VR 2 was released today by PlayStation. The video highlights games that work with the VR2 and its capabilities, including its stunning 4K HDR visuals as well as its groundbreaking new controllers. Check out this PS VR2 “Feel a New Real” commercial, which is from PlayStation The video highlights the VR2’s features:

The brand new PS VR 2 promotional video showcases gameplay footage taken via PlayStation 5 from some of the games that are currently being developed in development for PlayStation VR2. As of now, Horizon Call of the MountainResident Evil Village, and No Man’s Sky is the latest games that will be played using PS VR 2 upon its launch. The promotional video highlighted PS VR 2’s amazing features.

PS VR 2 users may enjoy a stunning virtual reality world thanks to the 4K HDR display and 120 frames per second due to its two 2000x 2040 OLED panels providing nearly 4 times as much resolution as the initial PlayStation VR headset. It is also more durable. PS VR 2 is more comfortable because it has a 110o field of view as well as a well-balanced, light Fresnel lens, as well as an air vent inside the headset that lets air flow through the lenses, thus less fogging and increasing experience.

In addition, it is worth noting that it is also possible to use the PS VR 2 is capable of eye tracking, which allows for increasing the emotional response and enhanced expression when interacting with other gamers on the internet. The eye tracking cameras track the user’s line of sight while aiming or looking around. Additionally, its unique foveated rendering technology enhances the experience of viewing by changing resolutions in order to focus and improve the subject of your focus.

Players can also take advantage of the inside-out tracking function of PlayStation VR 2, which allows inside-out tracking. PlayStation VR 2, allows them to play in complete freedom, watching both the player and the controllers with four cameras that are integrated into the headset. This way, the player’s movements and direction of gaze are mirrored in the game without the requirement for the use of an external camera. PS VR 2 contains a Headset feedback feature that allows gamers to feel the gentle, responsive headset vibrations at key points in playing, and it comes with Tempest 3D AudioTech, which offers stunningly realistic soundscapes dynamically adapting to the user’s head and position.

Even though “Feel The New Reality” has been a huge success and has created a lot of buzzes, PlayStation has yet to confirm the PSVR 2’s release date. It’s PS VR 2 pricing is not yet clear but is expected to be more expensive than the previous version.


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