Pokeclicker Codes – June 2022

August 20, 2022

Pokeclicker Codes – Cheat codes for all cheat codes that are available redeem these codes for farm points, cheri berriesand shiny pokemon, and many other rewards that are exclusive to you

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Use these codes to redeem farm points, cheriberries, shiny pokemon, and other rewards exclusive to you


Pokeclicker Codes – Full List

Here are all the codes available. codes:

  • FARMINGBOOST Redeem code 10k farm point and 100 Cheri berries (New)
  • OOOOSHINY Redeem code: One randomly shining Pokemon (New)

This current list of codes to date. So keep checking back as we’ll be adding every brand new coupon as quickly as it becomes available.

The social media channels of Pokeclicker and the channels through where they release the codes:

  • Discord: https://discord.com/invite/a6DFe4p
  • Github: https://github.com/pokeclicker/pokeclicker
  • Wiki: https://pokeclicker.miraheze.org/wiki/Home_Pa

While you don’t have to follow these in case you do not wish to We will make sure to keep the list current.

Expired Codes

These codes do not work anymore:


  • There aren’t any expired codes.

The Pokeclicker code – how do I make use of them?

Here are the steps needed to redeeming codes:

  1. Start Pokeclicker on your device
  2. Navigate to the menu which is represented by the three-bar icon located in the upper-right corner of your screen.
  3. Tap ‘save’
  4. Under the Save’ and convert original save tabs, there’s a text box in which you can type in your code.
  5. Hit claim
  6. Enjoy your rewards!

About Pokeclicker

Let’s begin at the beginning. Pokeclicker is a no-cost open internet game (currently still in Beta) that is based on The Pokemon games, however it differs in terms of gameplay from Pokemon Go. What exactly does it mean that you are “clicker type”? All you need for playing is mouse clicks.

Pokeclicker retains the core in any real-world Pokemon game. You move through the levels and capture Pokemon to upgrade them and battle them against other Pokemon. The speed at which you can complete the action will vary based on how quickly you can click. The game will move at a slower rate in the event that you don’t click.

Beware of its appearance of simplicity as it has surprises as complicated as shiny Pokemon battle objects, arenas and dungeons, fossils and so on. In this version of the beta, you can explore the regions starting from Kanto (1st Generation) through Kalos (6th Generation). Pokeclicker has been made available only in English.

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