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Pokémon fans started to think Professor Sada and Turo might be Villains

Nintendo released tons of information on Pokemon Scarlett and Violet earlier in the week. But, that hasn’t caught the attention of Pokemon lovers more than the new professors Turo or Sada. They are very popular online, mainly because they look so much better than the current professors. People started to make smutty fan art quickly.


Some Pokemon enthusiasts are starting to believe that Sada and Turo could cause havoc in November’s Pokemon world. They think they could be a vile duo. This theory was created by OctoKirby Redditor (thanks Kotaku) and is a liar, whose avees “shoud attempt and murder me,” Turo and Sada explain, both tigers. This is the strongest evidence, but it is also the reason why a few Pokemon fans started to share their feelings. There is even evidence supporting this claim.

The Pokemon Scarlet and Violet call for a confrontation of Bisexuals.

Redditor Catchem-22 posted an explicit explanation that every Pokemon game since Sun & Moon featured a villain turned ally. The Lusamine from Pokemon Moon and Rose from Pokemon Sword are two examples of scummons. Catchem-22 believes that both professors can be included in the game. However, one will be the villain and the other the protagonist’s mentor, depending on which version you choose. This is similar to the Archie versus Maxie battle in Ruby & Sapphire.

These are the three main characters: Turo, Scarlett and Sada.

This is not the most common theory, especially in the case of Pokemon. One is the first to have two teachers instead of one. The professors appear to have different time frames, and a focus on two legendaries. At least, that is what their outfits indicate. They could be of opposing ideologies and make one a convincing villain.

Although we can only speculate, it is possible to leave the area quickly as the Pokemon Scarlet andamp Violet will be available for purchase on November 18.

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