Pokemon GO Deino, an annual celebration of the American Revolution. Several fans are on fire, not unlike 2nd Raids

August 19, 2022

The Secondlous Rogues will be at Deino Community Day, and Pokemon GO fans won’t be happy about it!

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Every Pokemon trainer month should include Pokemon GO Community Days. Many fans are still confused about Niantic’s product prior to Deino Community Day.

The upcoming Deino community event could be one the best ever since its inception, but there is one thing that fans are eagerly awaiting: the actual day.

What is the reason why Pokemon GO enthusiasts are so upset before Deino community day?



Before Niantic announced that Zweilous would be appearing in the 4-star Raids for the Deino community day, the Pokemon GO raid schedule had been packed enough. Although this is true, many players can still participate in them.

According to the Niantic blog post about the event Zweilous Raids certainly differ from Pokemon GO Raids.

These “zweilous” could be done even outside. These Raids are only accessible through Premium Battle Passes and Raid.

Remote Raid Passes in Pokemon GO are difficult to obtain. However, they can be used in certain raids. This is a major disappointment for many players.



Some Pokemon GO players are calling this joke on the game subreddit. Others have also questioned Niantics’ indifference to players with mobility problems.

This game is already impossible for the disabled Pokemon. This new decision will make it harder for him to take part in Deino Community Day.

There is still time for Deino Community Day. Fans can hope that Niantic will listen to their feedback and change the modeality of Zweilous Raids for Pokemon GO.

This could all be wishful thinking. Niantic has been begging Pokemon GO fans for years to be heard, but it doesn’t seem to work anymore!

There are still many things to look forward too in Pokemon GO. Two new Pokemon will be introduced to the Pokemon GO TCG Crossover Event, which is scheduled for release soon.

A leak also revealed that a lot of Pokemon will be launched in the upcoming season. These are the fan-favourites masters and the new Rotary structure!

This joke was made for pokemongo.

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