Pokémon Go will feature Shiny Clefairy in Harvest Moon event

Pokémon Go will feature Shiny Clefairy in Harvest Moon event

Shiny Clefairy fans will have a brief window of opportunity to finally catch one next week.

Pokemon Go Clefairy activity will be featured on the Harvest Moon celebration, which will take place on September 10th. Fans will be able to enjoy plenty of Clefairy and a Shiny version, but it will only last between 6 and 9 pm local time. The official tweet for this seasonal event is here:

There is no information on an increase in shiny activity so fans shouldn’t expect to see this rare phenomenon more often than they do. The likelihood of seeing Clefairy spawning could increase, however.

Conceptually, the Harvest Moon is a lot of fun. It’s a nod to the day/night cycle in Gold and Silver. Clefairy, is a mysterious Pokemon that first appeared in Mt. Moon from the original generation games.

Although the Harvest Moon event isn’t as exciting as the big reveal for Pokemon Scarlet or Violet reveals, Clefairy is still a fan favorite so it is worth checking out. Although it is a little disappointing that the window is so brief, fans have had enough time to prepare.

The Clefairy theme is also compatible with Pokemon’s Go’songoing campaign for the new Season of Light. This is only available to fans within the United States and Verizon users. This is a shame as many had hoped to meet Gengar, the classic Ghost-type who appears in every iteration of Pokemon. For more information, see the Partner Research tweet:



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