Pokemon Journeys Cliffhanger starts the next Champion Battle

With its latest episode airing abroad, Pokemon Journeys has left the World Cup. The cliffhanger now opens up the next big battle between the winners. Ash Ketchum spent time with the latest anime series, climbing the ranks of World Coronation War before reaching the top of Master Class and competing against seven other Pokemon leaders. The tournament is about to begin, so it’s obvious that the battle for the top tier will get more intense and popular.

The first match of the new world championship tournament began. The first match was quickly over, meaning it is now time for the next round. The second quarterfinals will see Kanto and Johto champion Lance meet Diantha. As the new episode begins, the two champs get ready to fight.

(Photo by The Pokemon Company

Episode 115 of Pokemon Journeys showed the complete bracket for the Masters Tournament and confirmed that Lance will face Diantha in the second match. Alain, the only non-champion to achieve the Masters Eight, fought Leon in the first battle. Leon won. They agreed to fight each other and were all ready to take the other side.

The problem is that no matter who wins, Leon will still be facing them in the finals. The third battle between Cynthia and Iris will be the battle of the bracket. Steven Stone will take on Ash in the fourth battle. This is the Masters Tournament’s competitive level, so there will be more battles than just the Lance and Diantha fights.

Do you want to see Lance and Diantha fight for the same cause? Which champion is most likely to win the battle What battle do you look forward to in the Masters? Comment below to share your thoughts.

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