Pokemon Legends: Arceus DLC could already be on the way

A leaker has hinted that Pokemon Legends: Arceus DLC may be revealed as soon as April.

@Riddler_Khu (opens in a new tab) reports that Pokemon Legends: Arceus DLC may arrive in April, just three months after its launch. Riddler_Khu shared the tweets to his private account. It includes a hint at what’s next and a follow-up tweet that states: “When we know what’s coming April, everything will make sense.” It’s not worth waiting to hear an official announcement. However, Riddler_Khu’s leaks have been accurate in the past. They revealed the game’s crafting and resource management components before it was released.

Although details on the DLC are not available, it is possible to get some information from Riddler_Khu’s tweets. These tweets contain cropped images from two characters from Pokemon Diamond or Pearl. Looker is a detective character that appears in several games. He first appeared in the Sinnoh region’s Platinum. The second is Palmer. He is the father of Barry, the player’s rival in Diamond and Pearl and the leader of battle tower.

Although Pokemon Legends: Arceus is set a long way before Diamond and Pearl, many of its key characters are believed to be ancestors from mainline game characters. This suggests that we might see Palmer’s distant relative operating a battle arena. However, Looker is more likely linked to narrative elements. It’s possible that Looker could be seen in his “modern-day” disguise, as there are multiple fan theories linking the character to Doctor Who.

It’s not surprising that Pokemon Legends: Arceus will get any DLC, considering it was released just three days ago. This is not surprising considering the success of the new Pokemon game. Curry’s UK revealed that Pokemon Legends Arceus was the most pre-ordered game.


Pokemon Legends – Arceus is currently the fourth largest Pokemon launch (opens in new window). It’s just behind Pokemon Black and White, Shining Pearl and Shining Pearl last year. You can still catch them all in Pokemon Go by wearing themed outfits inspired by the main characters of the new game, Rei and Akari.

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