Pokemon Legends: Arceus hides a Diamond and Pearl lore callback in plain sight

Pokemon Legends: Arceus conceals a reference to some world-building lore from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl in plain sight. This allows players to play a key role in an old story they may have long forgotten.

You can explore the Hisui region in Pokemon Legends. Arceus later becomes Sinnoh. It is the home of the Diamond, Pearl and Switch remakes. Despite the changes in the region over the years, some landmarks have remained. Reddit user rustphase31 shared a compelling comparison between Floaroma town from Pokemon Platinum, and Floaro Gardens. This was its predecessor in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

absolutely_amazing_to_actually_experience_the from r/PokemonLegendsArceus

A Floaroma townperson tells the story of how the town was once a barren and sad place that Pokemon and humans avoided. People tried to plant flowers in the area to brighten their mood, but they didn’t grow. Until someone was grateful for the blessings that nature had given them, all the flowers around them began to bloom simultaneously. The story continues.

You may be able to discover the truth behind the old legend and catch a legendary Pokemon without getting into spoilers for Pokemon Legends. You can enjoy all the spooky wilted flower vibes until then.

It appears that Pokemon Legends : Arceus DLC could expand its universe even further in the months ahead, although reports of post-launch content are merely rumors and conjecture at the moment.

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