Pokemon Legends Arceus makes it easier than ever to catch shiny Pokemon

Pokemon Legends Arceus makes it easier to catch Shinies if you have the right items.

Below is a tweet that Anubis, a Pokemon dataminer, published yesterday. This user, who seems to love spreadsheets, has managed to calculate the base catch rate of Shiny Pokemon throughout the game.

The likelihood of finding a shiny pokémon at the beginning of the game is one in 4096. However, as you increase your dex research level, a separate roll unlocks, which means that the game will check twice for shiny pokemon. This increases the chance to find a shiny pokemon in just one per 2048. If you improve your research skills and can equip a Shiny Charm to increase your chances of encountering a shiny Pokemon, the odds are seven times higher.

The shiny rate may reach one in 128 if all that is combined with the return of the Mass Outbreak event which sees large numbers Pokemon appear in the region. This means that you will only get a 0.8% chance to find a shiny in an encounter. However, it is a better rate than the normal 0.02% chance.

Some Pokemon will not appear in shiny forms, unfortunately. Anubis claims that all “static-encounters” – Pokemon that appear in the same location, such as starter Pokemon or Legendary Pokemon – are “shiny locked,” meaning that they won’t appear in their alternate colours.

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