Pokemon Sword and Shield A thyme-colored clefairy used for everybody but for a limited period of time

To commemorate to celebrate the Pokemon Championship to celebrate the Pokemon Championship in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore The Pokemon Company has decided to offer the special Chromatic Clefairy for everyone who plays Pokemon Sword and Shield with an offer code. If you’re interested, get it now! It’s redeemable until five o’clock in Italy the next day, which is Sunday 19 June 2022.

The promotional code is APC2021CHAMP which you can redeem in the Secret Gift section of Pokemon Sword and Shield.

The process for redemption of gifts is simple. Simply press the X button, which will open the menu, choose one of the items Secret Gift, then get it by using the Code or Password. Then, enter the password below. If you’ve entered it correctly you’ll be able to purchase your multi-colored Clefairy.



The Clefairy that is in question is based on the one that was retrieved last year from the Pokemon Championship in Asia. They are equipped with moves like Here, Icy Wind, Selflessness and Protection Bold Nature, and Shield Friend ability. Also, he has an Eviolite.

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