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Pokémon Unite Dodrio Best Build guide

Pokémon Unite Dodrio Best Build guide

Here is the top design for the latest melee speedster of Pokemon Unite Dodrio!

Dodrio is the most recent melee speedster to be found in Pokemon Unite. Dodrio is the main function of a speedster which is to stay active and score as many as is possible. This requires players to change and alter their gameplay to maximize the potential of Dodrio’s scoring a lot. Check out this guide if are interested in learning how to play Dodrio from Pokemon Unite!

The Best Built and Held Items for Dodrio

For a chance to be victorious with Dodrio utilize its capability of scoring three times as many numbers of points that are in your goal area. Dodrio is heavily reliant on his own mechanic, Sprint Gauge which grants the player an increased speed for as long as the meter remains fully. Utilizing attacks and abilities when using the Sprint Gauge mechanic will cause more damage. Dodrio is an insufficient endurance and survival rate. Awareness and timing are essential for Dodrio. Dodrio is mostly played in the center lane, to break into the side of your opponent and control the field swiftly.

Best Build and Held items for Dodrio

The initial build is focused on using Drill Peck and jump kick. This build can cause significant damage to adversaries as it is able to knock them out. This style of play is ideal for putting your adversaries in danger because they could be stunned and knocked out. Utilize jump kicks to shock a target and then drill Peck to inflict huge damage and knock away enemiesAfter defeating your enemies and scoring quickly, you can win using his passive ability, Run Away.

The main item held for this set of skills can be described as attack weight to boost your attack speed in the event of scoring goals. The second item is Focus Band or Razor Claw to help in increasing damage and survivability or damage. Finally, Score Shield to obtain a shield and its objectives will remain in full swing while protected. To use Battle, you can choose to use the Battle item, choose the Goal-Getter as well as the X-Speed to make use of Dodrio’s passive.

The second build makes use of the tri-attack and agility combination. This is referred to as a hit-and-run combo. Once the meter has been completed you can make use of the Tri Attack to inflict the damage and apply a debuff on the person you want to target. Debuffs can be applied when the skill is able to hit the target in a successful manner. After that, you can use agility to create Dodrio invulnerable to obstructions and boost its speed of movement.

Sprint Gauge

Similar to the build before, Attack Weight is the main item held in this skill set. The second thing to be used will be Float Stone which can boost the speed of movement during times when the Pokemon isn’t in combat. Then, utilize Scoring Shield to score quickly and get an additional shield following. For the Battle Item, use Goal-Getteror X Speed.

This is all you need to be aware of the top design to play Dodrio from Pokemon Unite. Find out more about the game by going to our Pokemon Unite section on our website!