Pokémon’s 2023 World Championships will take place in Japan for the first time

At the end of the ceremony for the 2022 World Championships held in London, the announcement was made that the 2022 World Championships will be held within Japan for the very first time in history.

This announcement is especially noteworthy in light of the COVID-19 extremely strict restrictions in effect throughout the country.

In the wake of the announcement, The Pokemon Company revealed a short film that starts by introducing Vermillion City, the city that is part of the Pokemon series that is based on Yokohama prior to showing the exact location.

There are no dates for the event. that have been announced, however, it’s expected to be a four-day affair. This will be the first time Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be the main games used for this VGC competition.

Up to 2022, the tournament did not take place outside North America, but this year’s World Championships took place in London.

The London event also featured a Pokemon Center pop-up store, which created a bit of tension initially.

Queuing problems plagued the first day of the opening of the Pokemon Center pop-up store, however, the queueing issue was said to be fixed by the end of Thursday.

In the time that it was the case that the Pokemon Center pop-up store had earlier visited London the store had sold its special London City Pikachu toy each day typically at 2 PM.

The Shepherds Bush store at Westfield Pokemon Center pop-up shop was in operation for four weeks during October and November 2019 with the queues running daily for as long as five hours. Over 30,000 customers went to the shop according to the report.
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