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Potion Permit review – A bad batch

Potion Permit review – A bad batch

Potion Permit attempts a variety of different things but fails to do well at any of them. Check out our review of Potion Permit now.

There are plenty of life-like simulations available that offer players a variety of possibilities to live some of their lives and provide new possibilities. The success or failure in this regard is evident by its capacity to offer consistently excellent content over a long period of time. Every game can be filled with content, but it does not make it better on its own.

massive Media is a studio that has 11 developers and three games in development. Potion Permit is the company’s second game to be released on Steam and the first one being Azure Saga: Pathfinder game and later DLCs. Azure Sagawa launched in the year 2018, which suggests a three- to four-year development timeframe for Potion Permit.

After having created one JRPG It appears that the creator was keen to have a go at another one, but with the same as popular games such as Stardew Valley’s design. Potion Permit can be quite a bit of fun initially when you try to understand the mechanisms in the minigames of diagnosis and potion. Once you’ve completed the intro and tutorial it kind of stops.

part of the game

In the beginning, you’re taken to the town of Modbury where the residents are suspicious of any chemists because one of them nearly destroyed the entire ecosystem. Now it’s the responsibility of players to clear up the mess and earn the people’s trust by repairing the afflicted. When you’ve proven your achievements by completing your tasks, you’ll be awarded new badges to show your skill level and the confidence of the town in you.

After the introduction, however, the majority of the townspeople appear to have let go of this, which isn’t making any sense when they were all set to chase out of town 10 minutes earlier. A local healer of faith won’t let the issue go like that however and proves to be the villain.

The gameplay mechanics of the game Potion Permitare very enjoyable at first however they get tedious the more you complete them. For example one of the diagnosis minigames is basically an unintentional rhythm game with no music. Another one requires the player to learn a series of four directions and no change in the gameplay whatsoever beyond the four directions. The player must perform these multiple times each morning when they awake.

The minigame of potion is entertaining initially however, it’s actually quite simple to make an ingredient, even if you don’t have the upgrade. This was really exciting and as if you had got something you wanted, but constant needing to make the same potion isn’t much excitement. It is possible to save a recipe that you like but you’ll eventually be out of the ingredients if you overuse it.

While you may be able to take on other jobs in between treating patients suffering from many diseases will be the primary source of revenue. In the beginning, it means you’ll only earn 200 dollars in the game’s currency each day when you’re able to find patients every day. The early upgrades are unavailable, which makes the initial part of the game take longer.

In order to upgrade, You’ll have to gather lots in the game of two construction materials: stone and rocks. If you’re looking to advance through the Potion Permit mode, you better believe that you’ll spend a lot of days sifting through stone and wood to upgrade. It’s better to gather it slowly while looking for other ingredients so you’ll have enough for when you’re in need.

If you gather enough ingredients, you’ll pretty don’t have to think about the potions you’re planning to create. Each time you venture into the wilderness area, you should collect every ingredient in your potion and you’ll never run out of crafting potions. However, there’s a disadvantage since the ingredients do not typically define the kinds of potions you could create.

Sometimes, the game restricts the player to a specific element, like the potion cannot contain water or fire ingredients, but it is okay to use both. Although this can increase the difficulty however it’s not enough to make it seem as a problem. This could become more challenging in the final game but it’s a struggle to make it to that point because of the multitude of bugs that plague the game.

There were a few minor issues that are more easily forgiven for example, when the dog of the main character gets stuck in a strange mid-dig animation. There is nothing more disturbing than leaving the building only to see your dog squirming to the ground. There seemed to be no solution until I shut off the game and returned to it a few minutes afterward.

The dog is quite annoying It’s from one who loves dogs more than anything else. The need to feed it constantly it is exhausting and probably wouldn’t need to occur in the event that it didn’t go practically everywhere. It’s useless to have this dog besides digging a hole every now and then to give you sources that offer no benefit.]

 minor bugs

The most dangerous bug is the one that causes your quests to go away completely from your game. You could be ten hours into the game in a normal way, then something goes wrong, and suddenly you don’t know what you’re supposed to be doing. This prevents players from progressing and keeps the player in a never-ending cycle of days.

It’s a shame that an issue of this magnitude would not have made it out of playtesting because of the anger it’s likely to cause even among players who love Potion Permit. Although it’s unlikely to occur to all players, it’s enough to cause one to end Potion Permit for good. It’s hoped that MassHive is able to provide an update before players are unable to make progress.

The Final Word

In the end, Potion Permits at best a decent game. From someone who has been eager to play this game for a long time, It hurts to admit that it’s not living up to the promise it makes. massive is a game that tries many various things in this RPG slice-of-life title however it fails to hit the standard for many of the things. It is recommended that players wait for this game until it’s had the required adjustments to balance and fixes when they do.