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Prehistoric Kingdom All Animals and what they Eat

Prehistoric Kingdom All Animals and What They Eat – Theropods. Ceratopsians. Hadrosaurs. Birds. Iguanodontids. Sauropods. Mammals


Prehistoric Kingdom All Animals-Theropods

Currently, there are x19 Theropods in the game. Here’s what they eat.


  • Acrocanthosaurus: Meat
  • Allosaurus: Meat
  • Archaeopteryx
  • Baryonyx: Fish
  • Carnotaurus: Meat
  • Ceratosaurus: Meat
  • Coelophysis in Insects
  • Deinocheirus: Plants, Fruit & Fish
  • Dilophosaurus: Meat
  • Gallimimus: The Plants
  • Guanlong: Insects
  • Microraptor
  • Oviraptor: Insects
  • Spinosaurus: Fish & Meat
  • Torvosaurus: Meat
  • Tyrannosaurus: Meat
  • Utahraptor: Meat
  • Velociraptor: Meat
  • Yutyrannus: Meat

Prehistoric Kingdom All Animals- Ceratopsians

There are currently x6 Ceratopsians in the game. This is their current diet:

  • Nasutoceratops Plants & Fruit
  • Pachyrhinosaurus – Plants
  • Protoceratops Plants
  • Psittacosaurus: Fruit
  • Styracosaurus: Plants
  • Triceratops: The Plants

Prehistoric Kingdom All Animals-Hadrosaurs

There are currently x3 Hadrosaurs in the game. This is their diet:

  • Edmontosaurus: Plants
  • Lambeosaurus: Plants & Fruit
  • Parasaurolophus: Plants

Prehistoric Kingdom All Animals and Birds

There are currently x2 Birds in the game. This is their food:

  • Archaeopteryx
  • Microraptor


The game currently has x3 Iguanodontids. This is their diet:

  • Dryosaurus: Plants
  • Iguanodon: The Plants
  • Ouranosaurus: Plants


There are currently x4 Sauropods in the game. Here’s what they eat.


  • Argentinosaurus: Plants
  • Brachiosaurus: Plants
  • Camarasaurus: Plants
  • Diplodocus: Plants


There are currently x10 mammals in the game. Here’s what they eat.

  • Boss Plants
  • Coelodonta: The Plants
  • Daeodon: Meat
  • Hyaenodon: Meat
  • Mammuthus: The Plants
  • Megaloceros Plants
  • Megatherium: Plants
  • Paraceratherium: The Plants
  • Smilodon: Meat
  • Ursus Plants

Prehistoric Kingdom

You have unlimited power to create, manage and grow the ultimate Zoo for Extinct Animals in Prehistoric Kingdom.

You can create and decorate stunning habitats with a variety of creative tools. To create the ideal park for your species, you can plant jungles, carve rivers, and build mountains on the vast playable area.

Use modular building tools that are strong and versatile to create shelters and housing by hand.

Assume the role of park manager and develop the infrastructure necessary to provide care for guests, animals, and staff. In order to delay the inevitable, ensure safety and resources are maintained.


You can save the world from the terrifying Woolly Mammoth to mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex by breeding over 20 species prehistoric wildlife.

Discover new species and genetic skins through the discovery of genetic material from around the globe. This unlocks unimagined levels of customization and choice.

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