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Prison Architect Best Mods (2022)

Prison Architect Best Mods – Star Wars, Deutsch, CCTV Camera, Basketball, Fallout, Warhammer, Papers Please, Simple Garden and more


Prison Architect Best Mods – Star Wars Imperial Architect Mod

Star Wars Imperial Architect is a fan-made modification that seeks to recreate the complete Prison Architect experience into a Star Wars setting, allowing players to manage (or get out of)the operations of an Imperial Detention Center located on an uninhabited planet, with the villainy and galactic scum you’d think of.

Prison Architect Best Mods – Clearer Needs Icons Mod

A simple graphics mod The icons for ‘needs’ are now simpler and clearer – to let you know the things that prisoners complaining about far more distant and faster than previously! Based on the standard game aesthetics

Prison Architect Best Mods – Prison Architect auf Deutsch Mod

57.000+ Abonnenten auf Steam, 15.700+ externe Downloads, die meist genutzte Uebersetzung, seit Start in der Top3-Liste des Steam-Workshops und etliches Feedback von euch. Danke Leute! Ihr koennt euch sicher sein, dass ich dran bleibe!

Download the Prison Architect auf Deutsch Mod > Here


Prison Architect Best Mods – CCTV Camera Arrows Mod

The update is finally complete to work with the_glasshouse_1.02 R5352 B:56. This easy mod places an arrow in top of CCTV cameras to make them simpler to position in the proper direction. Sorry for the delay with the update.

Download the CCTV Camera Arrows Mod > Here

Prison Architect Best Mods – Papers Please Mod

In this mod , you’re director of the glorious Arstotzkan prison. The prisoner must cooperate with the Ministry of Information and work tirelessly for the glory of the motherland. Based on the game “Papers, Please!” by Lucas Pope. Thanks to Lucas Pope for the great game. The original graphics are his. The mod is under construction, it’s currently a mainly an update of the texture. Perhaps I’ll add some modifications to gameplay later. Feel free to share your ideas on the suggestions in the forum.

Download the Papers Please Mod > Here

Prison Architect Best Mods – Fallout Vault Mod

This is a texture mod which alters the entire texture to the Fallout vault-themed theme.


  • Starter Vault – This is a great first step If you’re looking to go “underground!”
  • The Starter Vault (Large) A larger version of the starter vault.
  • Ready Vault – This vault is almost complete, so get an early start in managing an own vault!

Download the Fallout Vault Mod > Here

Prison Architect Best Mods – Better Clock Mod

Are you bored from waiting around for the prison you want to be constructed or do you would like to get out of the house?
This mod is perfect for you!
This mod adds 2 additional button to the timer:

  • “>>>>” Play your jail in x7-speed
  • “>>>>>” Simulation of your jail at 10x speeds

Remember that your CPU will have to be able to run the game at higher speeds and with huge prisons, you might not notice any change when compared to the x5 (>>>)!

Download the Better Clock Mod > Here


Prison Architect Best Mods – All-in-One Deluxe Edition Mod

  • Correction of numerous mistakes and mistakes in text, images and settings.
  • Many useful information was included as tooltips. A lot of mysteries are explained for you. This means that you never again guess in blind faith or be deceived by reports on forums.
  • UI redesign. I changed the layouts and components of dialogs, including the Main Menu, Reports and Rapsheet tabs.
  • Room and Need Complaint icons are now in contemporary style.
  • A lot of tweaks to objects, materials grant providers, and other items. It made the game more realistic, realistic and well-balanced.
  • With the exception of a few one, you don’t require any further modifications to Workshop. Everything is there. Plus, it gets better.
  • New equipment, tools such as staffs, mechanics, and staffs. I wrote more than 10,000 characters of Lua script code.

Download the All-in-One Deluxe Edition Mod > Here

Prison Architect Best Mods – The Greater Reform Mod

This Greater Reform mod looks to introduce new gameplay features that make your prison more effective and better. To the current list of reform programs , you are able to discover new ways to decrease reoffending and increase the amount of money you earn in your prison.

Download the The Greater Reform Mod > Here

Basketball Mod

It also includes the basketball court as well as The Basketball League and Training Reform Program. The Slam is here! This mod is designed to take into consideration the needs of exercise and also offers a game that is real-time!


The League offers 17 spots for prisoners to work out on a huge court. The Training program gives 6 spots on a half court. Both Reform programs are scheduled during off work hours and are managed by a Basketball Coach who requires a office. Of course , playing basketball is completely free.

Download the Basketball Mod > Here

Warhammer Prison: Going Red Mod

It’s back! Warhammer Prison Mod is back! After four years of rest, we are back to punishing the thugs. If you’re a skilled artist who would like to enhance the features of the mod, please feel free to contact Freemankiller via friend or message (make sure you leave an entry! ).

Download the Warhammer Prison: Going Red Mod > Here


Simple Garden Mod

Create a garden inside your prison for exporting food and flowers to earn more income and opportunities to work

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