Project 007 & Project Dragon will release after March 2025

Project 007 and Project Dragon will release after March 2025

two highly anticipated games being developed by IQ Interactive, are expected to be released by March 2025.

New information indicates the release date of Project 007 and Project Dragon both very anticipated in-development games. People who are eagerly anticipating the upcoming releases will regrettably, have to wait for a little longer than they would have expected due to the fact that both games are scheduled to be released in 2025.

This information was provided to us through the latest financial report released by IO Interactive. According to the document, the company is warning about the possibility of profits falling drastically in the coming two years due to the lengthy time to produce forthcoming games. If we put 2 and 2, we could consider this to mean it’s likely that Project Dragon and Project 007 which are more likely the in-production games mentioned, will not be released until after March 2025.

Project 007, with its own website, allows gamers to know details about the games. will be a James Bond origin story where players can earn the famed spy’s 00 ranks by participating in a narrative-driven campaign. The game will likely be like that of the Hitman Series of video games with regards to gameplay since it’s being created by the same team.

Project Dragon, on the other hand, is an ancient role-playing game that has the characteristics that IQ Interactive describes as “an ambitious connected world.” The name implies that the game will have dragons as the primary antagonists, which means that it could be an updated version of Skyrim.

Both titles fall in the triple-a genre and are expected to cost about $60 when they launch in 2025. With IQ Interactive’s long history of publishing, it is safe to say these games will be released for both consoles and PC when they are finally released to the market. The release date is 2025, which signifies that PC players will have ample time to update their PCs prior to when the games become available.



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