Project Golden Nekker is a new singleplayer standalone Witcher card game

This year, a new single-player game is being developed based on The Witcher 3’s minigame Gwent.

IGN (opens in new tab) states that Project Golden Nekker, a new “captivating single player experience”, is being launched in 2022. It is based on the card game in-game. According to the report, the game will be “completely independent.”

The project is similar to the standalone version of Gwent Thronebreaker: a Witcher Tale, which was launched in 2018, but Pawel Burza, comms lead, told IGN that it “is not another Witcher Tales” and something completely different. We want to offer a single-player experience for those who prefer it to competitive multiplayer Gwent.

CD Projekt seems to have been dropping hints over the past few months, teasing players with quiet drops on official livestreams. According to Vladimir Tortsov, the game director, an official reveal is expected soon.

Recently, Tortsov revealed the concept art for the game. There is a single image that shows the Golden Nekker. However, artwork also shows what appears to be a Skelligan Barbarian as well as a Fire Elemental, and some ‘Living Fire’. The other two images show environments with a library, complete with another Golden Nekker, and a market.


Although we don’t know when the game will launch, IGN notes that new Gwent cards will be available in April, July and October. It is possible that Project Golden Nekker, which will include its own cards for the multiplayer Witcher game, will launch in October 2022. There may also be a reveal in the summer.

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