Project Slayers Beast Breathing

Project Slayers Beast Breathing – Location, Moves & More

Projects Slayers Beast Breathing Locations, Moves, and More – Learn how to unlock Beast Breathing Styles and master its movesProject Slayers Beast Breathing Trainer

How to unlock Mist Breathing? From the Beast Trainer at Map 2. Map 2 requires level 75 to unlock the secret cave. (Check the video guide). This map can be viewed, but if you need additional help, this video guide by XenoTy will assist you.

Requirements for Beast Breathing

To learn Beast breathing, you must be at least level 75 to access Map 2. You will also need 10k Wen and 150 Demon Horns.

You don’t need to know Demon Horns. Killing a demon will grant you one Demon Horn. This is the best way to acquire Demon Horns. However, it is rare for chests to contain Demon Horns.

You will need to find the Secret cave, and the Beast Trainer on Map 2, before you can complete several quests. The last is “Defeat Inosuke”.

Project Slayers Beast Breathing Moves

There are total x6 movements

  • 1st Move: Pierce: The user pushes forward using both blades.
  • 2nd Move – Crazy Cutting: The user leaps forward and unleashes an erratic flurry in all directions.
  • 3rd Move: Bending Slash: To increase their range of attack, the user dislocates their elbow joints and performs a quick swinging 360deg strike.
  • 4th Move – Throwing Strike: The user throws their two blades at the enemy and charges forward to retrieve them.
  • 5th Move – Devouring Slash: The user moves forward in a spinning motion, swinging both their blades upward.
  • 6th Move – Devouring Rush: The user sprints forward, stabs their target using both their blades, then throws them high into the air.

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