Project Slayers Flame Breathing

Project Slayers Flame Breathing – Location, Moves & More

Projects Slayers Flame Breathing Location, Moves, and More – Learn Flame Breathing Styles and Master its Moves

Project Slayers Flame Breathing Trainer

Flame Breathing is unlocked by the Flame Trainer at Wop City. Wop City is required to be level 50. To find it, you will need to go to the location marked red on the map. This map can be viewed. If you need additional help, this Auratix video guide will assist you.

Flame Breathing Requirements

First unlock Rengoku by killing it (again lol), then unlock mastery.

To learn how to breathe, you must be at least level 50 in order to access Wop City. You will also need 10k Wen and 150 Demon Horns.

You don’t need to know Demon Horns. Killing a demon will grant you one Demon Horn. This is the best way to acquire Demon Horns. However, it is rare for chests to contain Demon Horns.

Project Slayers Flame Breathing-Moves

There are total x6 movements

  • 1st move – Rising Scorching: The user uses a long-range Flame slash to inflict severe damage on the enemy.
  • 2nd Move – Unknowing Fire: The user sprints to the opponent and strikes them with a 360-degree strike.
  • 3rd Move: CBlooming Flam Undulation: This is where the user cuts through the surrounding area, causing a lot of damage.
  • 4th Move – Blazing Universe: When landing, the user jumps quickly and unleashes Downwards Flame Slash.
  • 5th Move – Move Flame Tiger: This is a two-flame slash that ends with a Flame Tiger slash on the enemy, causing them to be injured.
  • 6th Move – Move Purgatory: The user dashes to the opponent, doing a downward slash and stabbing them. Twisting the hilt will then throw the opponent away, dealing huge damage.


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