Project Vitriol, a story-driven RPG from the creators of Frostpunk and This War of Mine, was announced today

Publisher 11-bit studios is known for its project Frostpunk as well as This War of Mine, have launched a new game called Project Vitriol. The publisher was involved in the development of an idea that was described as the biggest ever.

Project Vitriol is a play-playing story RPG which is set to launch in the summer of this year. However the list of platforms, the time and release date aren’t publicized. The developers of Project Vitriol declare that the budget for the game is $3,8 million.

The Project director Jakub Rokosh describes this game as an activity: “It’s a game for a lot.”

Our game is an in-depth and morally ambiguous story-driven RPG. Let me provide some insight into the issue: that game is about the esoteric aspects of reality, that dark side of the universe that the majority people don’t know little about. There’s darkness in every corner. She is watching us from the shadows. She does not know if she’s imposing any cost on us. And she’ll surely profit from what we have to pay.

The story starts at the time of the discovery and growth in the world of reality. Specifically mysticism, energy, and folklore and a melting pot. Warsaw was established at the beginning of the 20th century and was a cult in the empire within the imperial Russian region.

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